Configuring an Advanced Application

Configuring Logging Level

To set the desired logging level, add the runproperty logger.level in the bnd.bnd file of your app, with the level of logging as the value. Example: -runproperties.logging: logger.level=DEBUG.

Check all the logger levels and API details in Using the Logging Services section.


To be able to debug the web of an Equo app, you have to run the app with the chromium.remote-debugging-port property, specifying the port for remote debugging. This will also print Chromium logs in the console.

The property can be configured in the bnd.bnd file, like this:


Bundle-Version: ${version}.${tstamp}
Private-Package: com.equo.testapp


Now when you run your app, open a browser in localhost:8888 URL (or whatever port you have set up) to open devtools UI for your app.