Using Hot Reload of your JS framework on Equo Apps

In development, many of the JS framework gives you the possibility to have hot reload in your projects. That means that you may run your projects in a special mode where you can visualize in the browser the changes you made in your code at the moment you saved them.

If you are developing an Equo app with one of these JS frameworks, you will also have the hot reload feature.

For this, you should serve your web app as you normally do. For example, with vue-cli-service serve in case of a Vue project. This will run a server providing the website for development:

Vue serve

Now, all you have to do is to add a development property in your Equo app with your hot-reload URL.

Using it in Standalone Applications

Run your app with parameter into the jvm args.

In the example, the parameter will be

Using it in Advanced Apps (Bnd Apps)

Open the bnd.bnd file of your app and add a line with:


Replace IP and PORT with the ones obtained before.

In our example case, the line will be:


Now you can run the Equo app and see the UI changes immediately reflected on it.