Equo Editor

The Equo Editor is a drop-in replacement for the Eclipse Generic Editor. It’s based on the Monaco web editor (same as VSCode). It brings the beauty and the capabilities of a modern editor into Eclipse.


  1. Open Eclipse.

  2. Go to Help ยป Install New Software…​

  3. Add the Editor’s P2 repository URL. For open source projects you can get the P2 repository URL from here. If you want to use it in a commercial application please contact us to get a demo

  4. Select Equo Editor and click Next

  5. Proceed to accept the terms and finish the installation

  6. Restart Eclipse

How to Use Equo Editor

To use the editor, you have to simple open a file with it:

Open with

If it is not shown in the list, click on “Other…​” and search it:

Editor selection

And then you will have your files open with Equo Editor:

Editing Show All Commands


  • Integration with Eclipse

    • Open and save files as any other editor

    • Interacts with Eclipse Menus

    • Eclipse searches in dirty content

  • Integration with Eclipse Language Servers

    The Equo Editor connects to the Language Server configured in Eclipse to perform specific language functionalities as:

    • Suggestions

    • Validation

    • Format for document or selection

    • Search for definitions and references

  • Syntax highlighting for multiple languages (html, javascript, xml, json, etc.)