Equo SDK Development Environment


Set Language Level

  1. Go to Main Menu Intellij - Main Menu

  2. Open Project Structure…​ Intellij - Open Project Structure

  3. Set SDK to 11 and Language Level to 11 Intellij - Set Language Level

Import Equo formatter

  1. Go to Main Menu Intellij - Main Menu

  2. Open Settings…​ Intellij - Open Settings

  3. Go to Editor » Code Style » Java Intellij - Go to Java Code Style

  4. Select the Default Scheme and click on the gear wheel.

  5. Select Duplicate…​ Intellij - Duplicate Scheme

  6. Write "Equo" on the name field. Intellij - Write Equo

  7. Click on the gear wheel and Select Import Scheme » Eclipse XML Profile Intellij - Import Scheme

  8. Select path to Equo formattter.xml and click OK Intellij - Select Path Equo formatter

  9. Go to Imports tab and set the next order packages Intellij - Order Imports


  1. Download Eclipse Installer and run it (Click advanced mode button): Eclipse Installer.

  2. Open the installer you just downloaded and switch to advance mode.

  3. Copy the content of link: this file.

  4. Go back to the Eclipse Installer, you will see a button in the toolbar which allows to paste the configuration you just copied to the clipboard. That’s the EquoFrameworkConfig.setup configuration. Click that button.

  5. Click Next and then Finish to proceed with the installation.

Workspace Configurations

Once you open a new workspace in Eclipse (the IDE installed before), there are a few settings needed to work well with our SDK:

  1. Configure compilance compatibility to generate .class files for Java 11 (Window » Preferences » Java » Compiler).

  2. Import the checkstyle file to check Equo code styling as you are developing. For this, you need to:

    1. Go to Window » Preference » Checkstyle.

    2. Select New…​ in the Global Check Configurations section.

    3. Change the type of the new configuration to External Configuration File:

      1. Write "Equo" on the name field.

      2. Import from this project the file located in config/checkstyle/checkstyle.xml in the location field.

    4. Press Ok.

    5. Select the recently created configuration and press the Set as Default button.

    6. Check Run Checkstyle in background on full builds option.

  3. Import Equo formatter for Eclipse:

    1. Go to Window » Preference » Java » Code Style » Formatter.

    2. Press Import…​ and select the file of this project located in config/eclipse/Equo formatter.xml.

    3. Apply changes.