The Equo SDK is a set of independent modules and components which allows users to write modern applications, and deploy them across desktop and embedded operating systems, from a single shared codebase.

Regarding desktop environments, it provides modules to create modern native cross-platform desktop applications with Java and web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It brings the web to the desktop.

Application Types

Equo apps comprises a great number of use cases, but they can be separated into five different categories.

Plain Equo Application

This category comprises the apps developed from scratch with the Equo SDK, using Java and HTML5 technologies.

Web Wrapper

This category includes already existing web based applications, such as Spotify or Netflix, for example. Their company owners don’t need to implement their desktop versions from scratch. They may want some customizations and additions that are specific to the desktop version. Maybe the removals of some UI components too. Then, with Equo, they can get a desktop application which is a wrapper of the web application version in the blink of an eye.

Enterprise Business Applications

Enterprise business applications or LOBs (Line of business applications) are enterprise applications developed for a specific domain - some industries for example are: banks, insurance, health care. These days, most of them are Windows based applications. With our SDK companies can build a web-based, modern domain specific application and deploy it to all platforms.

Main Goals

Strong, Well Proven Technologies

The Equo SDK is based on amazing well proven technologies. It is a written completely in Java and based on Equo Chromium, and it allows you to use the web framework of your choice when developing the UI of your application.

Cross Platform

Develop and deploy applications that work in all platforms, such as Windows, Linux, macOS, or embedded systems. It does not matter if your app needs to run in old 32-bits operating systems, our SDK supports them.

Templates and UI components

A set of ready-to-use templates and UI components to boost the start of any enterprise desktop application. These templates also allow you to create your app with very low code.

Service Architecture

The Equo SDK encourages and gives support for the implementation of a service-oriented architecture. No matter where your services leave, on-premise or in the cloud, they can be easily implemented and consumed by your Equo application.

Bi-Directional Communication

Full support for a secure bi-directional communication between the Java (backend) and the web sides. This means that any web UI that lives locally or remotely can communicate seamlessly with a Java backend in unprecedented ways.

An Amazing Distribution Model

Making an application is one thing, getting it out there is another. Whether you want it out on the web, on desktops, tablets or anything else, you need a framework that handles the distribution for you. The Equo SDK supports a great distribution model by integrating itself with Equo App Manager, providing applications with auto-updates, automated builds, cross-platform installers, and more.

Equo CLI

The Equo CLI (Command Line Interface) is a tool that allows to quickly scaffold and create Equo apps. It is shipped with a number of commands that are very helpful for developers. If you are an App Manager registered user, the CLI can be used to perform builds and deployments, and administer your account.

Equo App Manager

Equo App Manager helps developers and teams control and manage the whole lifecycle of their desktop and embedded application. It offers capabilities such as auto-generated native installers, application auto-updates, analytics, parallel testing, and CI/CD, among others. Equo App Manager builds and ships applications incredible fast.

To use it, an Equo Account is required - it comes with a free "Beginner" plan for those interested in playing around with some of its features.