Specific Requirements


GTK2 and GTK3 are supported. Version is detected at runtime, and standard SWT mechanism can be used (env var SWT_GTK3).

CEF Switches

The CEF engine can be customized with switches. To do this set the system property:doctype: article


Switches are separated by ;. For example:


See here for available arguments.

Custom Binaries Folder

The widget will take care of expanding binaries to ~/.swt folder. But it’s possible to point the widget to a folder that already contains all binaries, before creating the first browser.

To point the widget to a pre-filled folder with all binaries, set any of these path system properties:


For example: -Dswt.library.path=/tmp/chromiumswt.

The folder must contain a subfolder named chromium-3809/ with all expected files. Failure to include the expected files will result in unexpected behavior, since the widget will still try to extract resources when any file is missing.

The required files can be obtained by running the application once for each platform and copying them to the desired folder.