To use the Equo Chromium widget add the following Java import to your classes:

There are a few duplicated classes also (com.equo.chromium.swt.OpenWindowListener and com.equo.chromium.swt.WindowEvent) which may require changing the import or using fully qualified names if you see compile errors.

Using Equo Chromium to Create Web-Based UIs

Using and integrating Equo Chromium in your Java application is as simple as adding an import sentence and instantiating the Equo Chromium browser.

First, add the following import sentence to your Java classes:

import com.equo.swt.chromium.Browser;

Then, you just need to create an instance of the Equo Chromium browser:

import com.equo.swt.chromium.Browser;
public class SinglePagePart {
    public void createBrowser(Composite parent, String url) {
        Browser browser = new Browser(parent, SWT.NONE);
        browser.setLayoutData(new GridData(SWT.FILL, SWT.FILL, true, true));