Supported Platforms

To develop and test the Equo Chromium implementation, SWT 3.104 (Eclipse 4.5) was used. Older versions should work and also newer versions if they are ported to 32-bit architectures. Note that Eclipse 4.9 contains the latest available SWT with 32-bit support.

The implementation was tested in the following environments:


Operating System JDK

Windows 10 32b

AdoptJDK 32b

Windows 10 64b

AdoptJDK 8 64b

Ubuntu 19.04 64b

Oracle 8 64b

macOS Mojave 64b

AdoptJDK 8 64b

Contact us if you need support for another platform or operating system, it’s likely that it is supported as well.

Testing Strategy

The Equo Chromium widget was tested in all the different platforms by using the following strategies (but not limited to):

  • Running automated tests (extended SWT browser test suite).

  • Manual testing in an Eclipse E4 sample app.

  • Manual testing in a plain Java sample app.

  • Running SWT Browser snippets.

  • Exploratory testing.