How to migrate from JxBrowser

If you want to migrate from JxBrowser to Equo Chromium, in this page you will find guidelines and steps to successfully complete your migration.


  • Java 11 or greater.

Steps to migrate

  • Maven

  • Gradle

  • If you are a Maven user, add inside your pom.xml:

    	<chromium.version>[CHROMIUM VERSION]</chromium.version>
    	<chromiumPlatformVersion>[CHROMIUM PLATFORM VERSION]</chromiumPlatformVersion>
    	<chromium.jx.version>[CHROMIUM JX VERSION]</chromium.jx.version>
  • If you are a Gradle user, your build.gradle.kts should have:

    val chromiumVersion = "[CHROMIUM VERSION]"
    val chromiumPlatformVersion = "[CHROMIUM PLATFORM VERSION]"
    val chromiumJxVersion = "[CHROMIUM JX VERSION]"
If you are a JavaFX user, contact us.
If you requested a trial, you need both the same Equo Chromium Jx version and the version in the trial. You can check the most recent versions on: Equo Chromium Jx release notes section.
  • Add the repository with the binary received from the email, you can find it opening the repository and checking in the dependencies section:

  • Maven

  • Gradle

  • For Maven in your pom.xml:

  • For Gradle, add the repository in your build.gradle.kts:

    repositories {
        maven(url = "[REPOSITORY]")
  • Next you need the following dependencies with the latest Equo Chromium Jx versions and OS:

  • Maven

  • Gradle

  • For Maven in your pom.xml:

  • For Gradle, add in your build.gradle.kts:

    dependencies {
The variable [PLATFORM] must have the one of the following: win32.win32, gtk.linux or cocoa.macosx.

You can find in this repo a complete working example for Maven or Gradle Swing/SWT.

Functional examples

You can find more migration examples from JxBrowser to Equo Chromium in this repository.

How to contact us

  • Contact us if you need support for another platform or operating system, it’s likely that it is supported as well.

  • If you want to know more about Equo Chromium contact our sales team via mail or website.

  • Visit our Discord server and get help joining the different channels.