Crash Reporting

Crash reporting is a mechanism to generate dump files when unexpected crashes occur. As these files are generated by the browser itself, they can be used to identify the cause of crashes in a simpler way compared to a stacktrace.txt file generated by default.

If you wish to disable this functionality you can do so using the property:


When an Equo Chromium crash occurs, a .dmp file will be generated on your system. The path where the file will be generated will be different depending on which operating system you are using:

  • Linux: ~/.config/cef_user_data/pending

  • Windows: ~\AppData\Local\CEF\User Data\Crashpad\reports

  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/CEF/User Data/pending

When a failure occurs, it will be recorded in a dump file which will need to be attached when reporting the problem to the Equo support team.