PDF Viewer

Equo Chromium incorporates a robust PDF viewer. To integrate the PDF viewer into your application, just add the PDF viewer component to your user interface. You can use an iframe element in your HTML code to embed the viewer.

<iframe src="url/to/pdf/myPdf.pdf" width="100%" height="600px"/>

Customizing the Display

You can easily personalize the PDF viewer by following these steps:

Hide Toolbar

To hide buttons you can append #toolbar=0 at the end of the PDF URL as query parameters to hide the buttons. For example:

<iframe src="url/to/pdf/myPdf.pdf?#toolbar=0" width="100%" height="600px"/>


Easily adjust your view by zooming in or out using the zoom parameter. For example, to set the zoom level at 50%, you can use the following HTML code:

<iframe src="url/to/pdf/myPdf.pdf?#zoom=50" width="100%" height="600px"/>


Effortlessly navigate through the document using the page feature. For example:

<iframe src="url/to/pdf/myPdf.pdf?#page=30" width="100%" height="600px"/>


You can set the view variable to change the PDF view. There are a variety of values that you can configure:

fit: Fit to page.
fith: Fit to width
fitv: Fit to height
fitb: Fit to bounding box
fitbh: Fit to bounding box width
fitbv: Fit to bounding box height

An example could be:

<iframe src="url/to/pdf/myPdf.pdf?#view=fith" width="100%" height="600px"/>

Combining Display Parameters

To combine multiple parameters, you can use the & symbol. For example, to combine zoom and page:

<iframe src="url/to/pdf/myPdf.pdf?#zoom=50&page=30" width="100%" height="600px"/>