Chromium Integration for Eclipse


Chromium Integration for Eclipse allows users to seamlessly integrate Equo Chromium in the Eclipse IDE, transforming default SWT browser instances into a modern, constantly updated Chromium-based browser engine. It provides an up-to-date browser engine, with enhanced compatibility, security, and performance with the ability to experience a consistent user interface across all platforms effortlessly.

Chromium Integration for Eclipse can only be installed in the Eclipse IDE or used directly in the Equo IDE, it’s license is a personal license. For a license for multiple projects, Eclipse RCP applications, or teams please check out our Equo Chromium’s pricing page or contact our sales team.


You can install Chromium Integration for Eclipse through either the Eclipse Marketplace or by using the commercial or trial p2 repo.

  1. Installing Chromium Integration From the Eclipse Marketplace: To install Chromium Integration for Eclipse you can either visit the Eclipse Marketplace in your browser or open your Eclipse and go to Help → Eclipse Marketplace…​. A popup will show up and there you’ll search for Chromium Integration for Eclipse and then click on Install.

  2. Installing Chromium Integration from a P2 Commercial License: To install Chromium Integration for Eclipse you need to open Eclipse and go to Help → Install New Software…​. A popup will show up and there you will need to paste your p2 repo. Then select the Chromium Integration for Eclipse plugin, click on Next and finally Install.

Once the installation is complete, you’ll be prompted to restart your Eclipse. After the restart you can now open an internal web browser by going to Window → Show View → Other…​. Here you need to type browser, you’ll see Internal Web Browser under the General folder. Click on it and then click on Open.

A browser should open and you’ll see the Equo watermark if Chromium Integration for Eclipse has been installed and not yet activated.

The Javadoc view works since eclipse 4.26.

Add feature to an Eclipse-based product

Adding Chromium Integration for Eclipse to an Eclipse-based product is only available in the Enterprise tier. Please contact us if you want to know more.

To add Chromium Integration for Eclipse you can add com.equo.chromium.eclipse.feature to the .product file or the following code to one of the features included in the product, for example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<feature ...
      <import feature="com.equo.chromium.eclipse.feature" version="1.0.x" match="greaterOrEqual"/>

Read more about it in the releases notes section.

Removing watermark

The Chromium Integration for Eclipse personal license is free to use although it includes a watermark that can be removed by clicking on it. Your default browser should open on Equo’s website and there you’ll see the options to remove it.


To deactivate Chromium Integration for Eclipse the following system property should be set: